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About Mindfull Coach


Constantinos Kyriacou

  • Level 3 Personal Training​

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor​

  • Registered Boxercise Instructor​

  • Advanced Boxercise Instructor​

  • Level 2 Award in Mental Health Awareness​​

  • Emergency First Aid at Work

Hey! My name is Cos, also known as Mindfull Coach.

I've been training for just over 12 years now. At first it was to simply change my physical appearance, but it has slowly become an instrumental part of keeping my mental health in check. It is this philosophy of fitness that I really want to share with every client I work with.

My fitness and mental health journey go hand in hand. Despite utilising therapy and medication (both of which aided me massively at particular periods of time), one of my most constant coping mechanisms in my mental health journey has been fitness. The lessons I have learnt along the way have given me the discipline, resilience and knowledge to help others tackle their fitness goals through training, nutrition and healthy habits as a route to conquer the mind.

Physical activity, good nutrition, and healthy daily habits are amongst the most under prescribed forms of medication. As well as the benefits they can have on your physical health, I understand first-hand the enormous benefits they play in helping shape your mental wellbeing. Through training your body, you also indirectly train your mind. Physical health and mental wellbeing are inextricably linked.

It is my personal journey that drives my desire to put the MIND back into fitness. Taking the emphasis off of what you look like and back into how you FEEL. Yes, you will still be able to get the physical results you want through my coaching, but what you will gain above all else is the confidence to love yourself whatever shape you find yourself in.

​Get in contact with me today to see how I can help you make that change! 

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